Where we left off I was recently trumped the Gatekeeper but snubbed by a high end used car salesman. Keeping that in mind my brain was moving faster trying to figure out how I had done it the first time and wanted to repeat the action.

Moving at double time, my change of pace was evident in my stride, heart ferociously thumping from my last head to head with a senior management frame. I can honestly say I had a smile on my face, I had done something I had never done before,  I had the cajones to do something 90% of people had never done. Those that would say I took a loss can’t even fathom doing it for themselves. For this, I was happy.

Now I head into the hub of the city on foot I took a b line straight to my next point, The Jeweler. When I met Jacob is probably still one of my favored points at the time, the moment I never let anything that happened affect my attitude towards what I needed to accomplish.

Taking all forces into consideration I walked into the Jewellers with an assertion about me. Multiple female store attendants around me I said simply

‘I would love to work here can I speak to the manager?’

She kindly showed me to a woman I knew full well wasn’t the manager. no fuss from me though. From previous experience, I gladly accepted the challenge. The phrase I believe changed everything was;

“I don’t believe you can learn anything from my CV that you can’t learn right now.”

I think this line is the Line that made me kindred and got me my meeting with the Managing Director Jacob. I was asked to take a seat, like a commoner, sitting down is like death if you cannot handle it correctly. That in mind I kept my mind clear of all prepositions, doing and acting like myself is what got me here, Let’s not change anything now. I waited a solid ten mins for the same woman to come back and say… “Will you be free in half an hour, he’s with a client.” When you have nothing but time, it must be spent doing things like bending to the power frame, I was still overjoyed I got passed the gate-keeper I said ‘of course I can.‘ With a look gleaming with positivity.

Most people who weren’t prepared would be spinning at this point ‘omg‘ ‘I can’t believe it‘ ‘why do I have to wait so long‘ ‘Do they know who I am‘ The answer to all of those is don’t be a moron they know nothing, you are nobody until you’ve made them believe you’re somebody… Now get your head out your arse, please. You have a blank slate and opportunity to prove yourself, now let’s make this a movie. Good God.

The story of the detour I will release sometime later, the day hour I bested a store clerk,

The story of the detour I will release sometime later, the hour I bested the black clerk. Let’s just get to the meat and potatoes of this story. I got back a little earlier than usual, I didn’t care I was excited and wanted to meet this man who had been so elusive. I got there, they asked me if I wanted a coffee, I said yes. Big mistake. The coffee was piping hot and didn’t cool till like half an hour later, they knew what they were doing. Only I didn’t know what they were doing. (At this point to me a coffee was only a coffee and I love lattes.) Always get the water sealed bottle or nothing, needless to say, I burned my tongue and it was furry the whole time. It didn’t stop me as I always burned my tongue with coffee but the fact of the matter is it’s just silly to ask.

Just to put it out there, in retrospect they did everything in their power to show that they were better than me and I was too nieve to even notice. Still am just a little more understanding of what I’m worth and my stature in many more situations. Respect given and taken is important, this situation demanded a healthy balance. Let me put it out there I got the Job. Just didn’t take it. 

Jacob walks in standing well over six foot, and a strong ability to look over my head. I still see his hand reach out to grip mine, we gripped hands and I gave off the most beaming expression I had that day. I had finally done it, I got past the gatekeeper and lead myself right to the decision maker. The hardest thing to do in the area of work and accomplished in the second attempt. Of course, I had a beaming expression on my face. This was the GUY!

We both sat down and got to brass tacks, the exchange of frames was so powerful our back and went on for a good 90minutes. I was there to preach one thing and the thing I knew best, principles. My guiding principles that got me to where I was to that day selling and what it means to sell, how I sold in the rain How I sold to a deaf man, yes DEAF man. Never scamming my way into or out of a situation. Jacob spoke about the long-term values of the company how to bring a customer back. How to have someone who is just like them. The creativity in the position was high the way you could advance was far. Defining questions I came in with

“How much does your best person make?”

“How long have they been with you?”

“How much does the worst person make?” 

“What would you say differentiates you from the competition?”

I say that to say this it wasn’t just about emotions and being there and being brazen, it was much much more. The ability to understand what a “Leader” thinks about his people and to read when someone is telling the truth is a big and great thing to fully grasp. You nor I can work for just anyone, this is the thing I see many miss. What separated me wasn’t just my brazen nature (back then) but the values I knew I wanted to exist in the company I worked for. You see people haven’t thrown any big number at me because they felt I had bullied my way into the position but because of the value someone with my mindset brought to the table. Whether a top earner in the company or not, a mindset is contagious when put on display.

In a nutshell, I won Jacob over not because of my brazen nature but because of my attitude towards my work. I prefaced my ability to win him over because of what I had accomplished. And I was very accomplished in a specific way. As long as he is managing the store I always have a place there, some unexpected events happened and I ended back home. Where the Law was laid and the event in Trafalgar took place.

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