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A tech riff on incorporating drones into our I’ve been sitting on this understanding for quite some time now. So I appreciate drone tech (& innovations in general) so I decided to ponder on what it would actually take to incorporate drones into commerce and have them viable for retail. This is what I came up with.
First there will need to be some air traffic control in case of theft and drones knocking into each other. You see amazon alone does around 1.6million deliveries a per day let alone all the other parcel delivery companies out there. The air space will be filled with a number of drones collateral damage and shrinkage needs to be kept to a minimum so ‘parcel patrol’ is warranted – Receive your parcel will be significantly quicker depending on weight – something that also needs to be factored, the weight of a parcel and it’s contents must have a limit in weight or be contained in such a way that it will never drop. Because at 100m in the air the drop of a 5kg let alone a 30 or 50kg parcel will do significant damage. Another thing and the most intriguing for me on this point is. Routes, just like a commercial aircraft has routes so would these drones as well as controller hubs and communication devices. It will be quite the spectacle to analyse what would be the legal minimum for a drone to have to be used for retail.
Second point being the architecture. This is the reason I even started thinking about this and the most interesting part. The whole landscape of the architecture across the world needs to change. A fair majority of the population in major cities live in massive apartment complexes. This means enclosed spaces. There are a couple ways to go about this, create platforms for drones to be able to drop in a specific apartment. Get drones to go through the entrance like all normal human traffic. Or the most considered one in my mind have a reception depot at the top of most buildings – This one idea here will indeed create millions of jobs as respective parcel personnel would have to be hired, a significant amount of construction will have to be done for “parcel ports” to be created on top of buildings.
This covers much of my thinking on how I believe it will go down. The last one would be law consideration because all in drones are a very futuristic idea and will create a massive amount of tech jobs and business opportunities. For – and it a big ask – the government create law & consideration way out my expertise for the construction for most of these things for the sake of commercial viability. Because just as much as it is dangerous how I see it is that a closest step towards the next frontier of innovation that will happen within the next ten years.

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