Your First Suit – what you want and what you don’t want for your first interview [Mens Style]

We go again,

As a man your first suit means a lot, not the first wedding attire, not the tux I’m talking about the real deal, genuine first ‘let’s go to work’ suit.

I remember my first suit fondly I pieced it together for business school. But there was nothing like my first power suit I wore to my first Job American fit stuff collar straight blue and white combo with a blue power tie and black monk shoes, I was really ready for business.

PNG image.png

All in that combination without my briefcase or watch cost me £250, jade me want to throw up but at the end of the interview I got the job. See I was the most confident I’ve ever been because I spent the most money I ever had.

PNG image 8.png

It gave me something, I felt clean I felt alive and I came ready to get the job because I needed money to make back what I had spent on my business clothes.

The suit bought me a new lustre that’s what a suit is supposed to be, the jacket shirt shoes tie everything else is extra picking the one that makes you feel confident is most key.

PNG image 9.png

Tailored or shiny it don’t matter, how you feel and how you rock it is what matters

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