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Am I prepared to slate any fashion house? No. Am I prepared to scrutinise fashion houses for giving to the hypebeast Trend to feed a bottom line that will in the long run affect a legacy ? Yes.

Starting with the hypebeast culture and how it came about, people get confused with the timeline but put simply it started with my olders and their thirst to create clothes for the community. That also led to rappers who had the capital promoting certain brands that were more affordable than the luxury Louis Vuitton and Gucci brands. Slowly they grew into some of the most sustainable brands who sell out quite quickly with our favourite rappers and skate-stars and bands becoming influencers to a degree.

This culture has nothing to do with luxury fashion houses moreso it is anti luxury and somewhere it became luxury because how hard it was to attain, which is incredible. The youth club scene created a fomo effect with hoodies because of how exclusive it is to attain certain items, how amazing that is I don’t know but a new type of luxury is formed and the youth dictate what is in style and what isn’t. Now to talk about Ralph, someone that came from the streets of New York to create for the upper class only to have hip hop culture be the main reason why your brand is flourishing today, is ironic because what you were turning your nose up at put the battery in your machine. It’s no mistaking the last seasons of Ralph featured certain 90’s looks that were pivotal in the lo-life era of New York along with the Kith collaboration, we can not particularly say if you’re taking my earlier sentiments hip hop built it that it’s a totally far fetched collaboration. But Kith is pure hype-metric and nothing else, peace.

Now I don’t know the story Ralph himself has personally to do with skate culture but I think if we will call bullshit on Supreme X Louis Vuitton then you got to do the same with this. Not saying I turn my nose up on certain fashion trends but Kim Jones will forever be remembered for the Supreme LV collab. What we have to ask Ralph is what now? And check if that lie is believable enough to say good going. As I say I’m a style lawd, if it’s fresh I’ll wear it – hypebeast culture is my generations creation the intention was not this but this is what we have today. I wish for the best and hope trends pass so the true nature of street-style can be interpreted the right way

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