We go again,

As we approach winter again it’s time for the re up; time for the layers; Time to get creative with work; time to get creative with the looks. What will you do to adorn your head top for those of you that are hat people for those of us that aren’t gifted with hairlines to grow out throughout this winter period. What more is there for us to do than to wear our hats wherever and whenever? I’m not necessarily a brolly person so when it rains I wear a hat but not just any hat there are certain kinds that fit a person of the lifestyle I have. Those are who I’m speaking to.

Which hats are those? Let’s get into it:


It’s a new style a quality one for those of us that are in vogue and up to date with styling we know that the beret is in. It’s a quality wool at that keeps all the heat in. Not fashion for anyone but for those who have suitable stylings and creative body language the beret is something that is easy to wear anywhere and get a head turn or two by those who know what you’re on.

Downside. They’re itchy, some of us with the full fade or just get irritated by wool knit or felt apparel in general it’s not necessarily the best. Red marks or razor bumps are not the in thing.


The trapper is one of my personal favourites and something that has been key in my winter wardrobe for a very long time. You can wear it up, wear it down, over your hoodie if you’re brave or clipped behind you whatever suits your fancy. It’s mixed polyester and cotton/wool so it’s machine washable and easy to clean in some instances.

Downside it can’t go with every fit or style it’s very statement in the way I wear it and also in my particular case I’m a headphone person and there are cases where I’ve had to pick between a warm head or music. Can you imagine? So it’s not for everyone but if you can get it going on go off!

Peak-Less Cap

This hat is very new but becoming all so key in streetwear. From corner boys to high street the peakless cap is one of those hats that should have always existed but wasn’t for every one. For those of you that are keyed in on trends this is one you can follow with ease super simple. Like a beanie just strap back.

Not a lot of downside can look plain in some instances but paired with pretty much any jacket hat combo

Whatever Moves Your Dial,

Not Your Typical (@nytypical)


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