We go again,

This time of year is big for so many reasons to so many people. I thought it only apt to create my own type of post as I don’t particularly do scary but I love to give people there just do’s and seeing as imitations is the most sincere form of flattery. Here’s my list of Fashion Icons I would love to dress up as a homage to their signature styles maybe this list will give you a couple of ideas for your Halloween party this weekend


Prince – the artist formally known as price – artist – and symbol (I cannot find on the emoji keyboard). Prince was so fearless with his style god rest his soul. I said that I would love to dress up as him specifically in the Partyman video. It was such an epic fit and so Halloween-esque it’s worth of a Halloween tribute in the least.

Andre Leon Talley

The man with the fur cape Andre Talley the most regal and extravagant of them both he’s not just the cape he is the embodiment of extroversion not just in the clothes but his personality and mannerisms. More than the clothes this living icon is more than meaningful to me to have a out fit or style placed after him and those who know. Know.

Karl Lagerfeld

Simple plain bold iconic. The modern man born of timeless taste Karl is neither relaxed nor uptight plainly perfectly put together and well established as a fashion Genius, quite the obvious choice when people want to dress up as their favourite fashion icon

These men have glorious style that would be amazing to emulate and I love what they put together And what they stand for

Hello, sorry only kidding. Just to show I’m not only for the guys that like to dress like guys side I have a couple obvious ones for the women’s side for whoever finds them cool that are truly elite for whoever finds them cool

Anna Wintour

Can really put together an outfit and as fashion editor of my generation if would be taboo to not have her on this list to dress up as. As her signature look isn’t innately feminine or masculine it allows for creative license. Wouldn’t you agree

Rei Kawakubo

Her or Edna mode you choose. Yes I said it ED-NA MODE. maybe I’m the only one that sees it but Edna was designed with Rei in mind and this is why she’s on the list. I respect Rei too much she has created too much to not be called an icon and I just see that bob and understand what it means and so will everyone else

Kris Jenner

Miss Jenner miss Jenner Miss Jenner she they meme the myth the legend such a quality lady of age who is due respect. All personality, I could never leave her off the list, it’s just to fun or ironic otherwise or Iconic – who knows – just an amazing meme with dress sense I guess

Whatever Moves Your Dial,

Damilare, Not Your Typical

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