The Couture trend that everyone is doing this fashion month

We go again,

This fashion month has been filled with some great looks much more inspiring than I thought it would be, so many transitional and transcendent looks that kept me wanting more from New York all the way to Milan.

One trend caught my eye, that has been creeping into dominance through the eyes of John Galliano and Alexandre Vauthier. It’s the trench-coat dress

Both their previous seasons couture looks have put it at Center stage and somehow pierced through the ether that is the mind of other designers and now it has appeared in numerous shows, all of which have had raving reviews as if some round-table took place and they all decided to execute the idea through their own design eye.

I must say not one was too much like the other Elisabetta Franchi, Tod, Max Mara have all show their eye for creativity with this “summer” look. The ever dominant Fendi and emporio Armani also put their spin on this dress idea, Fendi seemed to have won many hearts with their presentation in general, all with this look in mind with the utilitarian appeal, alongside Versace.

All in I love what they’re trends come and go and for now I like this one it’s done tastefully and sparingly everything you like in a trend, how will it traslate into the highstreet? Not even I know that yet. What I do know is I’m looking at beautiful clothes

Whatever Moves Your Dial,

Not Your Typical (@nytypical)

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