Creative company style – What you should think about when picking outfits for creative (no-suit) jobs

We Go Again,

Intern season is coming up and it’s incredible paramount that you make a concerted effort to look your best going to work. You see in a creative company, in entertainment or Design we don’t wear suits.

So it’s not 2/3 suits, 5 shirts, 2/3 ties in a rotation. It’s your most wavy clothes that you can put together, but you can’t look like you’re trying too hard – no way. So you gotta have style and a level of finesse no other corporate intern has. There’s a level of thought that goes into your fit rotation, how people perceive you starts with what you wear.

No way are you allowed to look stuck up or uptight. Or too loose like you just rolled out of bed in your pyjamas. Unless that’s you, what I mean by that is you gotta know what’s in season for both styles being in the right price range and in season like you know what you’re doing. See your flavour if it’s well put together make sure it’s consistent, if there isn’t a big concerted effort to wear fully fitted clothes then let it be so.

Consistency is key and you have until your your Christmas party to have a chokehold on your version of whatever you want to be – Cozy or uptight – you gotta get creative and you gotta make your aesthetic known. People will say it’s not a big deal but it is, consistency is the even bigger deal and that’s all you really gotta worry about.

I will be right here to give subtle tips from time to time on what you can do to construct the right type of outfits and in-season wardrobes for you.

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