We Go Again,

I have been so sleep on these sneakers since the beginning so I feel the need a blog. The colourway reminds me of something I made in school, or would make in school. Which is something you could expect from a Pharrell sneaker.

He has this ability to make child like sneakers for grown people and have them accept them, it’s a quality I’ve liked in his sneakers and design eye. Dunno how that was lost on G-Star but we move. The reason I really write this blog is because of the sole. Literally the sole was so colourful I was looking at the breakages in the trainer thinking ‘there’s a jig here’ and sure enough I looked it up and discovered the king himself Frampton Ellis, the Goat and creator of barefoot technology. Soles are very important to me, all my research and understanding comes from ergonomics which is what bought me to love sneakers as a designer how the foot is wrapped and treated inside a trainer is indicative of how comfortable this trainer is going to be so I make it my business to confirm comfort first from a pure design perspective then take in style. img_1537

Find the Utility and sell substance, part of my design thinking methodology, which is majority of the time incorporated into sneaker technology.





The real reason I write about this, when I find out something new I get super excited and have to tell someone. I’ve obviously don’t have enough people to tell so I write this blog ūüėā. img_1543

Banter aside – I love this trainer purely for the technology and will buy it just off the strength of Frampton and Barefoot technology.

Nothing I love more than finding out something new and bringing me closer to a full understanding of what Sneakers are and to bring out the foundational assets while still making them Art. I am for sure happy about these

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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