We go again,

This really fills me up with excitement because I love nothing more than the way theses e-commerce websites are filing it out and shelling all the money out to the culture for the sake of market share. And one of the biggest power moves made this season was the Cardi B collection with fashionnova.

It was a super interesting collaboration because of you have followed Cardi B’s style over the years you will see it has evolved into something truly stylish and makes you wonder what kind of provoking designs she would be able to come up with.

My personal stake in this is 1) the love of watching businesses filing it out for Market share, it has been my favourite thing to do since I could understand business. 2) the way women have been dressing has been annoying and uncreative. This little age gap between 21-28 I see girls dressing in £4 a yard dresses that bunch up in the Center made with stretch cotton and a jacket with a fake Gucci bag and call it stylish and rack up hundreds of thousands of likes because their baps are on show in their peek-a-boo. I’m a little too old to get with the hoochie mama style but you gotta get it how you live.

I personally like to reward good behaviour so when I saw the Chanel inspired tweed dress suit I knew Cardi wasn’t playing with anybody & by the time I clicked on the page half of the amazing garments were sold out.

I haven’t personally got to touch and feel all the fabric, so what concerns me is the style. I am exceptionally impressed by what they were able to pull off at that price point.

The style is creative and fits within what the Brief was – I can’t exactly say their marketing was amazing but they sold out. What they did was create something very formal very fun and sophisticated. For the sophistaho.

As the youth would say made for a very specific woman that want to look sexy, mature and creative. The type of woman with the energy to suck the air out the room.

I really want to see these up close and personal in the club and in the streets to really gauge the type of woman Bacardi is drawing in. What I can gauge is the colours are simply autumnal and 70% inspired with a want of Luxury

Giving you flared trousers geometric patterns and a complimentary colour story with warm colours and saturated overtone.

Very in season I want to say a lot of pvc and pleather

Some things I’ve written about in my 7 styling pieces you want for this season certain things really get taken into consideration and lofted to new heights depending on who is doing them.

Fashion Nova is doing a splendid job trying to crush PLT & Cardi B is becoming theNew Mogul of hip hop with one of the top 5 fashion collections made for a rapper.

It’s a simply collection which could probably be the birth of an amazing collaboration and the end of all competitors. Cardi is White Hot right now and her competition is feeling the pressure, super star status is becoming of her as these move she’s making are powerful ones.

I want everyone to see this collection it really moves with how Cardi is trying to conduct herself. In selling all 100,000 units in the day I should think we’re only seeing the start of what Cardi Brand can do.

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