We go again,

Man-bag, strap bag, sling bag, holster bag all of the bags that are used to make things easier for me and my journey in and around the city generally. The bags that cause a medium intrusion to outfits and have more upside than they take away from me. Adding these bags create greater detail in my outfit while allowing my silhouette to stay the same. A big thing for me now is I don’t like much in my trouser pockets. My pockets used to be stuffed to the brim especially my stretch skinnys, wallet in the back, phone in the front and keys to the left my legs felt bloated and more restricted than what I ever wanted my silhouette to be. Just recently I was taking a journey to London and carried my backpack which obviously fits everything so what’s the need to wear my strap bag? I tell you. I was in a rush from the offset to get to London Bridge I live 30 minutes away from the station and had 30 minutes to get there every second counts and putting my strap bag in my bag and my phone and my wallet in my pockets (in this autumn cold) took away potential places to put my hands within my big Parka where otherwise they would be in my strap bag. Something I’ve been used to for quite some time I didn’t know gave me so much more time and energy back even in the minute scale they were what was needed for this man here. Not just how does this make my outfit look better or what details will it bring, what it adds is how much time do I save having this with me apart from not.

Whatever Moves Your Dial,

Not Your Typical (@nytypical)


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