We go again,

I do so much research on colour and colour theory and check on how the zeitgeist responds to certain colours and with that I see certain colours flourish over others.

This past season it was Yellow; before that green; before that red & I was jumbling my brain for quite some time and I couldn’t really think of one to have as a base for outfits I even went to patterns and prints like houndstooth and tartan.

I explored Pink – then I asked myself which pink, what tone what saturation; what vibe? It was a stressful endeavour


I explored Blue – I asked myself the exact same questions as pink. I had myself thinking it was frigid and separate and no one would enjoy it because it’s denim


I am a strong black person, black is has been and always will be my favourite colour with blue as a close second. I’ve not been fond of most other colours and when I found out you could pick the wrong blue & wrong red & wrong black I stayed away from doing too much.


I asked myself this summer to add more colour to my wardrobe, if it’s only a couple pieces, you see I tried and tried. First grey and black with some print on it and then I got the Kanye West Wyoming hoodie

which I love a confusing amount, I literally want to wear it everyday, now it turns to autumn time the leaves discolour as the fall off the trees and create an array of vibrancy very out there.

Very not me but I enjoyed it, the Orange made me happy, it has been naturally attractive to me and the more I see pictures with orange I’m more and more convinced that it is the Prize of not only this A/W season but of 2019. I’m prone to catching things like this early and when I tell you this is it, it’s really what I see in my world.

it compliments my dark skin so well and has me feeling like I’m glowing, it radiates a statement of warmth and friendliness I have no idea what colour orange this is but it’s my favourite orange.

(Whoever can contact Kanye and find out the photoshop number please tell me)

This orange is so appealing I could wear it all year. And I really think I will. Sorry not sorry

Best orange swatch

What colour do you find attractive for 2019? Tweet me (@nytypical)

Whatever Moves Your Dial,

Not Your Typical (@nytypical)


One response to “A Thought On: My Colour This Season and Principle colour of 2019 – ORANGE”

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