We go again,

I’ve noticed a little something recently. There has been so much talk of unisex clothing and blurring the lines between male and female garments; trends of being feminine; trends of being masculine. But nothing here really stays, however there has something that has become norms that were not before. Pockets and bags.

I remember in 2014/15 I was really shouting about COUTURE POCKETS I attribute to Raf and I saw something in there now for women it seems to have become part of the norm in their garments. Whereas with men the more bags and carrying items outside of messenger bags and backpacks. It’s fair to say rig bags and fanny-packs and iPad/tablet pouches were not the norm 3 years ago as well as the more fashion forward satchels and totes.

I feel the more moderately dressed man dresses with these things in mind more. As we know you mustn’t place any items in your suit pocket and ruin the silhouette. The utility that men think about has more now than ever had bags in mind. More than a briefcase, wallet and handheld device, the modern man appreciates the hands free carry. Who would have thought though the modern woman in a dress wants the pockets the exact same way. Befuddling to most designers up until recent years people love to carry their belongings while still having their hands free.

This incorporation of utility based fashion into everyday outerwear has made such things staples, removing all fads and trends from the equation conceal carry is here to stay. And as long as they add to the silhouette the buyer is more than willing to try.

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