We go again,

Yeezy, Jordan brand, Pharrell Hu, Adidas Nike. What all these brands have in common right now is over saturation of the market, what they’re creating from forms and mould has them churning out colourway after colourway of their sneakers. Much like rap it’s becoming hard to keep up with all these drops and unless you have tens of thousands worth of disposable income you’re not picking up everything they drop on us.

And why would anyone want to?

The sneaker community is having a fit wondering where the brands are going with this. I’m observing things as they are and just loves to understand what exactly is going on. behind all this after the re release of the Yeezy V2 Zebra The Pharrell Solar Hu NMD release the fight for Market Cap is really on.

I want to see if I can tie all of these together , I’m not an industry insider and no ones given me information this is 100% speculation.

When I relate to how I listen to music I can’t seem to keep up to my own detriment. Because I’m no uni student anymore most of my time goes to creating so I can’t listen to the newest and freshest guys and I don’t want to, to be frank the quality isn’t high. But there is someone that will listen to it, I think that’s the point here. It’s not for everyone it’s for someone, there’s so many different type of people so many styles and so many types of clothing people can gravitate toward what is truly them. As a company I will and won’t appreciate that, they are certain some people will buy them but not all people. You are truly unable to appeal to all people or really tell a story in its fullest form. A drop is a drop. And you get it if you can, which really escapes the art form of footwear which is quite sad to me.

There is also the massive micro quantities of orders you have to fulfill which needs committed applications to understand who where and as close to the nearest one quantities (Made-To-Order) which is a lot of information and a very complex algorithm is needed to execute this making it extremely expensive. With all of the tiers of sneakers coming in at a range of prices they have so much to keep in mind (or keep in code). They need to reach any and everyone with these type of orders and it has to be quality being pumped out

Why would they want to do all of this. Competition Yeezy put Adidas on the Map for brand of the year and now they must repeat those efforts. Nike won’t go down without a fight and Jordan Brand is doing its thing, Adidas is using all its high quality brands as leverage over Nikes range in price points. As long as the Quality doesn’t suffer I’m Amazing because no one is forcing me to buy. But the true sneaker heads are missing the story that makes a trainer wanted by all.

quite frankly it’s starting to wear on me also even though I might have a grasp on the business- needing to gain market cap – the applications – and advertising doesn’t me I don’t love a good story. The story that makes your heart sing and gravitate towards a trainer not because it was made by your favourite artist but because of the reason it was made. What bought all these brands to their dominance

I personally think the brand that is able to do that with or without these high frequency drop will win. Wouldn’t you?

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