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(Miuccia Magic) Miu Miu FW 18/19 review

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We go again,

The 2018 season of Miu Miu was absolutely stunning and a feast for British eyes from an Italian perspective. Very poppy so vibrant and showed true attention to the research at hand.

As soon as the music started in the show I was mentally transported to a place I’ve not been conscious before. I immediately thought of London terraces and block parties of the 70s & 80s, like a kid I saw the mums and ladies of the block – the aunties corresponding to each other from their windows – a time I long forgot as a working class Briton.

I was instantly reminded of Vivien Westwood and everything she had to do with the time. The way she spoke to the youth & added to the fabric of the fashion of the time creating a whole new scene.

My true interests with all that went on with the Miu Miu show was the transformation of working class attire. The tartan and houndstooth of the Working Class became technical marvels and high fashion for those who were the youth of yesterday. All they could afford became all they couldn’t afford.

My final thoughts were to the nods to another working class icon as Dapper Dan the Creator of hip-hop Couture all the bulbous bulging shapes I was unable to not. The silhouette were not so dissimilar no one could fault it.

The timehop fashion seems to be coming to a close, out of this seasons shows I enjoyed this one very much. Took me to so many places as a cultural Briton I couldn’t help but feel warm inside, as a cultural appropriation it was very well done I must say.

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