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We go again,

It’s getting colder out here, darker early and time spent in the sun will exponentially diminish. I write many forward thinking posts but here’s a simple one with four classic Boots you can add to your wardrobe and prepare for winter with


These are the classics which were always going on the list the butters or just the classics to many. Not one like this, there isn’t any other, timberland boot wear them not with skinnys but with at least a slim fit that crests over the top of the laces a big leather-aviator jacket and hoodie underneath. Very classic combo

Dr Martens 1460

These are a personal favourite meant for the stylish in any season – in my opinion – a classic boot for any sex any colourway will do, with some skinny biker jeans an oversized hoodie and leather biker jacket combo for me throw in a nice flat baker-boy hat to boot 😏

Chelsea Boots

These are the classic riding boots for princes and now for the stylish man. Literally fit for a king to your highstreet these louboutins look particularly beautiful and are an amazing shape for a shoe I’d pair these with a nice suit or trousers with a bomber jacket/ trench coat and hoodie or flow on the in-between and have a respectable sports jacket and gilet / turtleneck. Can really be mixed and matched with so many things

Hunter Wellington Boots

These are so very British much like the two prior, yet to be grandfathered in. People who are in the know swear by them. They’re very good to me literally built to weather any storm. They are the most practical out the bunch, paired with a long coat or sports coat or fur coat or Borg. Really anything trusty and heavy to offset the real-estate the boots enjoy.

These are only my suggestions but these boots are classics you can smarten up or really just chill out on an outdoor excursion, all built to last. Do whatever you want.

Whatever Moves Your Dial, Not Your Typical (@nytypical)


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