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I spend so much time looking up designers looking up artist and discovering things that are new, up and coming, established and certified. All in an objective fashion. As I am an artist myself I make sure that I give everyone a fair shot and that comes with some effects.

High Level Vibe

I’m not exactly able to convince myself of thinking left or right about something meaning I’ve not been a personal judge of good or bad – this has been going on for the past 2 years – I convinced myself ‘I shouldn’t judge people’ in my personal life and that personal philosophy spilled into my career and I only allowed myself one reaction. HYPE- if I got extremely hype about something new that has come out this past 2 years that’s how you can tell I liked something. My opinion never mattered, the reason I say this is because I recently allowed back in my critical eye into design during a conversation with other artists (which is the only people I discuss art with) causing really heated debates because of my bed of knowledge. Now just because I won’t wear something doesn’t mean I think it’s trash it’s just my personal taste but something’s are hyped to the extreme that doesn’t mean it’s high art in its medium – which is where I discovered my new rating system. Hype not High

Hype Not High

Hype not high is a nudge system I use to just say something isn’t all that. It’s really my hmmmm… meaning I am not really big on this clothing items design or artists work basically & with the massive advertising it’s really hard to discern which is where you put your personal taste into effect Hype not High a polite and efficient nudge just saying just because the zeitgeist is talking about it doesn’t mean it’s worth the discussion

I must say though this is still objective I will still be able to explain what about this personal item that’s loose and is only advertised a lot to HYPE it – but no more – the design may be cute/good but it’s not the highest art. If you get me. Being hype does not mean your work isn’t or the person isn’t an exceptional artist/designer.

High not Hype

The typical juxtapose of this would be this is really something else. But High not Hype means the design/work/album is exceptional and worthy of all praise due to its precision and execution of high level. High art, high taste level – which can also be explained through extensive discussion and dissertation. Personal feelings aside.

I’m not really good at typical non art conversations. It’s not that I’m snobby but if we’re discussing something as quality as design an art piece/exhibition or an album I would have to do so using my full knowledge because I feel the artist deserves that much in terms of Critique.

I’m focused on giving cool little critiques to the people about work from artist by an artist and I want my friends and colleagues to know I want to be fair and just because that’s the same respect I’d want to be given while also providing quality content without foolish extremes just hype not high

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