We go again,

Christmas is almost over and for those of us that saved up our Christmas gifts money to stunt on the rest of our alma mater post January sales the first day of school almost among us. It is an especially fun time. Everyone else that beg your parents for funds do what you must, we’ve all been there. All should know we must all come correct on the first day.

Here are a couple things that can make you look exclusive.

That football top

Not just any football (soccer) top. THE football top. All the new kits are in and ’tis the season for Football fits. Right after the World Cup. There’s a team with that colour way. That just looks so fresh no one is thinking of. But is pure silk, ain’t no one thinking about it right now but they will be when you rock it ‘is that the new [redacted] kit’ is what you’re finna have people saying. Looking fine like silk. The fits are epic and there’s a treasure trove out there ready for the picking. If you can find them. No I can’t give you hints. It’s purely by taste and by style and if you are really rocking it ‘is that you yeah‘ will be all you’re gonna be hearing come September.

Big ass Bomber/ Borg or Fur

I’m truly enjoying this new style now where fur/ cotton is in style and people are openly rocking the warmest of fuzzies oversized and otherwise keeping themselves warm and looking stylish at the same time. It adds a different element to what you’d see on the commute and accentuates a certain type of style people are trying to pull off and I’m all for it.

Anything bespoke denim

There’s always a time for denim but distressed is always in and it’s not going away. Biker is phasing out but all the fits that are worthwhile and Japanese right now is really the time to look for those Ksubis. A Jacket or jeans acid wash or paint splatter embroider straps strips and stripes other wise can wrap a look and have you styling on everyone.

Is that those the classic Js your rocking

Yes super simple super worth it and always in. The era for new Jordan’s may be over but the quality on the shelf Jordans will forever thrive. A clean colour-way will always being a look or two or many from anyone who is anyone.

You got to be able to put these together yourself. This list in itself is a Fye fit that can have you looking like silk. Nothing is beyond your bounds be brave, look your bank account in the face and let it know this is important. Set the tone for the rest of your year. Start as you intend to finish. Feel good and do good work.

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