We go again,

We’ve seen Virgil Abloh and everything he has done for fashion – to me the most major thing he’s done is made the high fashion hoodie. – and for that I thank him. With that his reach and Principles have seeped into the fabric of the fashion industry (pun intended). All starting with his first roll out the Off White Jordan 1 first edition and the edit culture it’s perpetuated. First debuting at the Met Gala in 2017 and the release to be on September at $170 it made waves. In the sneaker community, I won’t act like it was an immediate sensation but it grew on people. This Cut and Paste technique used gained valuable favour with the rise of the ten and the zip tie aesthetic which made me think of Martin Margiela invisible tag.

Margiela anonymous tag

The hype was bubbling from far before then. As a massive Instagram procrastinator I saw so many pages dedicated to this edit culture that Virgil Pushed into the Zeitgeist having people edit yeezys Jordan’s Air Force 1 and alike disseminating heavily into the ecosystem

Met with no clap black from me I sat and listened to a fellow designer talk and tell the tale of this thing he does where he would slightly push and prod a design by 3% or so (his number figure).

As a massive Photoshop and graphic designer being the creative director for Yeezy working on the graduation cover and I know him for the Yeezus cover he is obviously prolific at this edit design where one can cut and paste whatever they want and we can obviously see the effect of that on the Nike Air Jordan 1 and how he wanted to apply it to real life.

But what happens when you continually change something by 3% over a long stretch of time. Change the swoosh; change the colour; change the laces; add lettering. It becomes something else and in this is the beauty of this incremental compound of the Edit Philosophy

Having all these kids cutting their swoosh and tilting it, with this DIY effectively making it their own and creating a new face to what sneaker culture is about.

The prizing of individuality. Editing the edit, by my account I can only imagine where I see it going and what it can mean for the future of design. Where this only effects a small sector now however it is heavily influencing generation hypebeast a whole new league of graphic designers are becoming creative forces on the internet where the “Mock up” artist becomes curator pushing dynamic imagery for their bases

This type of arts is really fulfilling and feeding a whole new type of artist with these HypeEdits as to serve generation hypebeast.

A whole deal had to be put in place for all of these to be put about, which is a whole different conversation but with the Platform Louis Vuitton gave Virgil his philosophy is part of my life and many men’s life as well, having the ethos of most men’s daily lifestyle dress being hip-hop. Lucky to have been Grandfathered in I see the rise rise & pattern of it all and I’m able to share it with you all.

Where this edit Culture is going we can only dream but what we’re living in now looks like a good time to be alive.

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