We go Anew,

I’m making it my business to fulfil myself because who else will. I write because I love it, but beyond writing I want to create and serve in all forms no matter the platform. I have been having this weird sensation to transform my living space from a thing I stay in to a place that’s conducive to productivity. It’s giving me the most amazing motivation and I didn’t even want it before November and it’s having me work everyday to make it happen.

At the end of the day as I create I want people to like my stuff but it’s not important for everyone to like it. Which is why I created the type of fashion page I have, it uses my artsy information along with my long time spent with people in fashion along with how I spent my life growing through fashion which has built someone who can talk about it the way I do. For some reason it comes so second to me, like breathing. When things are “easy” to me I shy away from it because it doesn’t invoke a mighty challenge, I’ve decided to fuck that whole mentality off and understand the challenge is success and even greater acceptance. Acceptance of people believing in me and who I truly am as an artist and a creative

I’ve set my sights on being the guy I’ve always wanted to be which is someone that can give people a hand grown with them and be entertaining, literally my definition of someone I like. You may notice I don’t talk about major brands often and when I do it’s a caveat into a deeper conversation, that’s because the brands are only the catalyst into what’s actually happening around the world, they react to us and that’s the information I want people to find. I myself don’t rely on major labels to breathe life into my style or writing and don’t expect it to be the same for others. Whether it’s business; advertising and marketing; corporations fighting. I want us all to understand it for what it is. And really. All of that is fun shit to me Pretty Little Thing and FashionNova is a Hilarious battle to me.

I’m not so conceited to think the culture needs me , this is simply what I enjoy doing and I’d do it for free. (I do it free) I do it for myself, if it helps or if it entertains I’m extremely happy for that. Dearly I am

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