We go again,

I’ve really been bringing my thoughts into so many subjects that I believe in and mean a lot to my life. A few. Design; fashion; product, film & entertainment. At a time politics was a heavy subject to, I really would just give comprehensive reasons why I would vehemently like something or not like something, but there are sometimes and some things that are just okay, mediocre, the grey space. They never invoke much emotion so I don’t give them much thought.

It’s cool just not for me

This is my idea on quite so many things in fashion or design, cinema and anything else going on around the world, I probably don’t have the foggiest which I will tell you and sometimes I just won’t care. And some people will try being your mind into the realm of care when you really just don’t give a flying monkeys. These people don’t care about you, keep them at arms length, don’t let them make you act out of character. For what particular reason do you need to care about something you have very little provoking you.

There are too many drops for me to care about, so many people who have done something somewhere with someone – it’s really not my business. I talk about things that I really adore; have a clear picture on; or just all round sound like cool topics. I haven’t the foggiest about the supreme drop happening in Berlin & it would be fake of me to say that it’s lit or trash when I have not been clear on what it’s offering or what the story is. Some things are just

‘cool designs but not for me’.

I think everybody should be afforded the license to feint ignorance at times when it’s not a super deep subject. I love clothes like so much so – all things that add to my personal style or afford me to make new personas I love – but something outside me (very wide) reach or doesn’t make a heavy statement left or right I can’t give much attention to.

I can and will respectfully decline to talk about something that is not a big deal to me. It’s not killing anyone it’s a garment and everyone whatever career you’re in should/could do the same, if you find the parallels where it fits.

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