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You might remember from my previous blog on Virgil Abloh and his exalting of the Hoodie – The Comfort Of Luxury – where I detailed basically the rise and rise of Virgil Abloh with the Hoodie as the medium and how much that means to a generation of youth that were vilified for wearing it

I count the Hoodie as only the top of the iceberg when it comes to this comfort wave because I find comfort is the new luxury. And what I mean by that is, no one is looking for the super fitting, slimming well tailored garment when the average person thinks about their everyday style, they’re thinking about being comfortable first because being comfortable IS the ultimate luxury not needing to care or being forced to pretend to be anyone else; or a primed and proper version of yourself is the best version of yourself.

A luxury of this time is to be able to express yourself and have people commend you for it. I don’t want to see the bad in that as there is bad in anything. But when I think about it truly finding that you can buy a hoodie that cost more than most suits can be considered a sign of caring more than the person across from you. Who knows where such rhetoric will lead to? I know I spoke about being in an office environment with other creatives and the lack of suits in Creative company style detailing you could be your best self which doesn’t need to be a suit if you don’t want it to be. I find the fair majority when given the choice would pick a tracksuit over a suit any day of the week. Just look at Fridays in the work place, even my accountant friends will be wearing a jumper and a pair of NMDs or Jordan’s for comfort sake.

Having the choice is a luxury, I find so much power in being able to choose your own path. The power in being able to explore your facets as a human being in a Three-Dimensional way, is crucial to personal internal growth. Freeing up your true self allows others to respect you more as a person because you’re leaning into all you are and want to be.

I just thought I’d address it as a fun anecdote, when it comes to it. The people there for move in the direction their Dial points in and it’s superb.

Always remember the luxury in choice and luxury in comfort not all of us have it so when I say Whatever Moves Your Dial I’m part of that is challenging you to live in your own mode of luxury.

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

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