We go again,

I don’t know what happened but I suddenly feel the need to shop in season. And for those of you who don’t know what that means, simply it’s shopping for spring clothes in autumn and shopping for winter clothes in summer. It’s obviously winter but I’m new and only getting the hang of this fashion month rotation. I’m not industry yet but I’m open to it. 👀

Reason why I bought that up is because who the heck is thinking about silky shirts in this winter here. I am. Me. Not your typical. Anywho I’m really leaning into this blogger role and seeing what I like and wanting to make it or get it in a style I like so I want in spring to wear baroque shirts with patterns I love – that Versace style of high quality fabric with designs all over really is the in thing to me. Not them floral designs people were doing but maybe a really cool Italian or Belgian art piece on a high thread count silk. Just sounds luxurious to me paired with a simple black skinny leg trouser and cashmere scarf. Renaissance art with a French flavour and hint of Spanish, a meal.

I’m really on the lookout for a really creative shirt about now outside of the hype outfits – even if my blogs say otherwise – my style is really influenced by the people of my culture and I love it living through my art influences. I’d love a David or Venus de milo shirt I just think it’d look so great with a glossy finish.

If you guys find home or someone who could help with that I’m all ears. Luxury is the key this spring let’s bring it to life come April and up our game with what we’re wearing and what we know – bless up

Whatever Moves Your Dial , AOL

Not Your Typical @nytypical


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