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We go again,

I’m distraught, I don’t know how to address this. As you can see by the title something that should give everyone the heebie-jeebies is happening. People are wearing bootcut jeans, your culprits? Style icons:

  • Bloody Osiris
  • Bloody Dior
  • A$AP Rocky
  • A$AP Ian
    • A$AP Carti
  • It’s a pandemic I don’t want it and I don’t need it, some of you just look uncomfortable in certain garments we can tell you don’t love the clothes but you love the trend it’s even worse than copying someone outfit you’re copying an aesthetic that don’t suit your personality all because your favourite influencer dresses that way.
  • Spending exorbitant amounts of money on a copious amount of garms that really don’t feel good or fit well, that’s another thing. It’s not even that they clothes are a relaxed fit you are buying two sizes your senior thsts even worse than people who buy two sizes down. Unnecessarily overdoing it. Literally llow it
  • It’s not relaxed or just baggy it’s too big to handle and slackly. The guys who follow their own flow are the ones you want to follow, not to copy but to give us the courage to dress how we should. There’s nothing more of a reason why we should follow them, I have never followed anyone to jock their outfits or to copy their style but to allow the creative energy into my presence and to push me to do more with my wardrobe.
  • Creatively expressing YOURSELF through clothes is an effort but an effort worth pursuing. How I did so is detailed in the journey of mine, I wrote sometime ago and it’s not important because it was my journey but I detailed the phases I went through stage by stage. Do so yourself


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