About 4 years ago I wanted to start an arts curation page with my friends. I wanted to share art far and wide of creatives I loved/ art works that I thought was cool with the inter web.

Creative curators we were going to call it. See I never liked doing things by myself, in fact I knew to some degree doing something by myself can go on for some time, it may be able to last but it was unsustainable for a long period of time.

I wanted to cut the learning curve down and the work curve in half, I wanted to enable my friends and I to have a large social presence back then. 4 years ago when it was still really essential and the market was saturated but it was not at its apex like it is now.

What the unfortunate part of the joke is I was the only one that saw the vision of today and how crucial social media is. I knew it as a marketer and not as a participant, it was such a shame I was unable to convince work ethic into friends that see the big deal but don’t want to do the big work.

Everything I wanted to promote before is everything I’m promoting now

I have been beside myself trying to get this vision underway for so long, real life ticks got in the way and I am all alone now on this mission to spread creative work throughout the ether and get it seen by the masses. I am truly unable to go without sharing and spending the love, it’s my thing (it was also my friends thing) my capacity for sharing others work back then was even larger for sharing my own. Now 4 years down the line I am sharing my thoughts with the people giving you guys my art and creating the things I want to work with professionally all the while sharing artists work.

I don’t know why I felt to share this piece of information I just see a type of full circle where I’m able to do all things because my skill set is larger than what it once was.

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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