2 Design Trends that you need to understand in 2019 that will sweep the Highstreet

We Go again,

Truly, as soon as I saw these trends I knew I had to explain them and it felt like a chore but what’s more of a chore is people talking about garments they don’t understand.

So for me to have the peace of mind that I can point to a blog and keep people informed. That’s what my first blog was about and my second blog was about trends so I’m basically reinforcing the values from which I started.

You have probably seen “cultural fusion” people using patterns and prints and sigils to enhance or moreover give the European cuts a different flavour, adding salt to the stew, what we’re seeing now is further inclinations of that. More people trying to push the boundaries of what we’re doing with menswear, I want to thank California Ian Connor and Adamaneven for how they inspire the game and where menswear is going.

Chimera Garments – Texture alchemy

This is my favourite trend this season it’s barrages the senses encourages a sense of touch and a good eye, fleece, Borg jersey velvet and leather. Creating touch worthy garments and ful Full body clothing, making one want to hold the garments and catches the eye of the onlooker using colours textures and patterns to heighten the already Highly skilled artist to make a full-body clothing items.

I’ve spoke About menswear being functional this is a push away from this and adds to the level of creativity that menswear can hold the codes that were so consciously followed long ago are now being broken in the right way. Men wear what they want if the fit looks fire.

I love that we are moving away from this men’s woman’s fusion that was happening a couple of years ago and the honest craft and function of menswear is growing in its own way. There was a time where men had blocks it could barely fit in, people thought adding womenswear cuts was the answer.

Now designers are becoming more articulate with garment creation, I don’t know if people are fully understanding the industrial design codes that menswear is taking on but it where it’s heading new fabrication and polymers being created adding more artistry to the function of clothes making menswear desirable in its own way.

Industrial Tech manufacturing

the sweeping sentiment in menswear is, where is it going? What do we call it? How is this comfortable, cozy, lax, “streetwear” controlling the narrative of menswear. Well I have it on good authority it’s only the beginning. The direction taken is assured that menswear will continue to evolve and hoodies are more than just jersey anoraks.

The remarkable leaps that menswear is taking will for sure be seen in hindsight, the methods used to make new garments and enhance texture and fulfil desirability to men.

The industrial design in sneaker creating is moving to clothes and sneakers are looking more industrial, the sneakers are no longer just a nod to the past or purposely ugly as some may think they hold design consideration from artist who done things outside of garment manipulation.

The textures the stacking and the layering of the texture the layout of the forms are making sneakers sculptures on feet they really feel like they were made for something, the sneakers made now are rugged and built up off a consideration to sneaker aficionados when you look at it even if the story isn’t told truly in the advert or in the rollout they will be told on feet.

Your story will be made to stand out and it’s the complicit understanding of the wearer everyone else will understand too. That leap of faith the people who buy in are taking now because most high-fashion sneakers are very well different than the others the wearer is drawn to how they are made and they don’t know how to articulate why. That’s the level of artistry involved in what is happening, the technical understand of the designers and the idealism used to create trainers that look the way they do want to push more than texture but the thought of what a sneaker actually is the amount of detailing and manufacturing that goes into one pair to fulfil the story of the creator is really quite stunning.

I understand all of these because I am all of these I am these designers that want to bring architecture and structure into menswear what is the foundation, what is the material what type of materials on the insole can we use to make it ergonomically friendly how are we taking our understand of the textures and materials used in an environment to explain and explore the type of person I am associating this thing with in my thesis

Those design considerations push menswear forward,

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