We go again,

This Dior collection by Kim Jones is the most creative collection I’ve seen as I watch the recording for the 10th time I envision myself in every piece. This is years ahead anything anyone would want to conjure. This Dior Homme collection, this season, is unmatched by anything else that came out this season.

PNG image 11.png

The couture essence and illustrative highlights, construction of the garments and well tailored suits.

PNG image 11.png

The detailing of the hardware vests, backpacks say all they need to, as a male who defines himself by his tastes and sensibilities this Show speaks to all that, it speaks to the men who are hones with everything they want and would like to attain, firm and correct in stance it is what it is.

PNG image 14.png

The creation of the hardware done again by Matthew Williams of Alyx, who knew an accent such as the buckle could be renewed as a desirable item it’s what vision and innovation brings, along with Yoon collaborating with Dior again on all the accessories, the knuckle dusters and drapery of the scarves tie it together.


PNG image 18.png

As they did with the pre-fall autumn winter collection the perfect team.

PNG image 15.png

This season was really a couture level collection & we will see the smart designers drawing inspiration from this collection for the next couple years

PNG image.png

Menswear is changing and Kim Jones is showing that off in true fashion. The level of creativity being displayed is really where I saw Menswear being around this time it it isn’t men changing menswear who is?

Thank you Kim Jones

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Not Your Typical



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