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I have been teasing this a lot the style the codes the creative license some men are taking with sneaker design and sneaker creation and I’m an appreciate the trying.

The trying is the best thing that can happen, the advent of the Dad shoe was a style trend but I See the industrial trainer as somewhat of a motif of overall dress and philosophy in style taking its “roots” from techwear but it’s more than “techwear” it’s a way of wanting more from what people have given you in clothes.

It’s not about secret pockets and zips and looking like a ninja but having things that are well built made to last and created with use in mind.

First thing what is the Industrial sneaker?

It seems to have 3 foundational style details

  1. Barefoot technology
  2. multiple materials
  3. Breathable fabric/ multiple materials

It seems like it takes on these things from techwear per-say but with the chunkiness of the dad shoe and utility of the sole it’s a style that’s neither dad shoe nor techwear shoe.

The Foundational Trainers

Acronym Presto

The holy grail of techwear trainers the presto was made with a certain amount of utility in mind and with the colours it delivers a collaboration of style and tech to pull it off in the right way

Its not just about the colours it’s the way it’s made and Materials Acronym chose to use to make it out of, new textile technology gives us more versatile clothing better fits and a multitude of decisions can be made in conference.

This trainer was created for city use mostly as gets pointed out to me by the small sole and unsteady mid so the roll cage might come in handy when rolling your foot doing an exercise

Yeezy 500

A hallmark of comfort and style this chunky trainer with 120 % boost technology and Frampton Ellis barefoot tech make this one of the most comfortable shoes on the market

With soles made for stepping in a concrete environment it seemingly protects your foot from injury and it is said definitely the most comfortable trainers you can wear with a bunion by Charlemagne the god.

I love the technology but it’s a full dad shoe no matter how light and the chunkiness is congruent without style, sometimes less is more as in the silhouette is purposely chunky and doesn’t need to be. but its a piece to what we will now see is better trainer tech. you’ll see it in the young, falcon, disruptors, and other sneakers on the market today.


The QASA the Og, of OG tech sneakers got everything it can in lightweight tech and comfort, an amazing silhouette and I classify it as a grail. Material base is the runner technology, while boost didn’t exist yet it has Barefoot tech to hold it down.

a main focus of the tech used is how the ankle heel and top of the foot are strapped down. New trainers take heed as everything here serves a purpose and material choices were conscious.

Its not like the QASA is a foundational trainer on the market everyone can grab and at its price point even if it was still on the market not everyone can have it, with the advent of boost technology the guts of the sole is rendered obsolete and due for a tune up.

That being said this trainer is stated as a foundation in tech wear and a most creative sneaker design. ahead of its time looking back

The Present and The Future

What happens when you take what is seen as the founding principles of comfort and quality masculine design.

You get sneakers that are unlike others we have seen before. But bring all we know together, you give a couple foundational principles of what was known to work and create what we see before us.

Rugged sneaker design based on comfort and ergonomics. But will give the aura that this was built for something, to wear, to style to use, BUILT FOR PURPOSE.

Stripped down or built up what was once known as an overload of the senses has become a styling statement

The things we want to wear on our feet changes the playing field of what designers have to look for and the way designers think

What men desire is more than just a simple elegant linear design. As I was saying in A dialogue on design is setting the president in sneaker culture.

The foundation of all men’s dress start at the feet. When the desire for what we want to wear on our feet changes so will our clothing style. And an opportunity for menswear to evolve into what I see it turning into already.

Where is that evolution find out more on my blog 2 Design Trends that you need to understand in 2019

I have tonnes of time for this topic and I am giving it to you, Inch by inch, the industrial sneaker revolution is now, as soon as I peeped game I just had to share it.

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