We go again,

The muse is Something talked about and fantasised in the creative realm because it is the ultimate fantasy, sexual and non sexual a muse is what a person has who can somewhat direct ideals and drive them with the will of just existing.

A creative idea is easy to spark, reading a book, taking a walk, going for a drive, watching tv, eating food, being in the shower all of the above sparks creative idea or better still the thinking of nothing (living in the moment) is when an original thought decides to show itself.

This engagement is a rule the creative put on themselves. To live life as they are and to wait for true inspiration, but like in pain of passion this can be sparked like the fuse of a match with any substance that effects the pleasure Center of the mind. This can come from a person, for me personally. Women. (Not all) Women have this hold over me where I see them and an incredible flow of energy takes over and drives me to do more than I have done before, creating in a way I have not seen from myself the Queens of my mind.

4 have lived in my life so far affecting me in different ways separate from the other, their similarities lay in what they asked of me. [REDACTED]. That was the deal struck and we lived in heavenly bliss with one another I was creating and we had a wonderful time. This person though, the muse is a double edge sword of a kind. The muse is a person too – thoughts feeling emotions and separate personal experiences outside of the creative, so their minds can change & when their minds change so can yours. This is danger

They have the power to change ones mans and feed new ideas. Literally the power to change a core belief system or principle. A desire or an intent. What causes women to be able to drive a man to kill, go to war, sacrifice himself is the same tool used to drive a creative hungry for his/her muses approval.

This is the power vested in them by the creative, ‘share with me your lens because I like how you think and view things’ or ‘I like how you make me see things’ no doubt when you let someone effect you in this way calamity can be afoot.

Regardless a man will still fall for her anyway because she is beautiful, her mind is beautiful, she makes me more creative, more courageous, more expressive. There’s no other type of human in my life who has the level of freedom to walk in the palace of my mind like my muse does.

A human with the power to walk your mind? A human that can walk in and move things in your mind to change it and replace one thought with another

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

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