AirMax 270 ISPA review – The right direction for the 270’s future

We Go Again,

The air max 270 ISPA have been the best thing to happen to the 270 since it’s inception. Turning this sneaker around into a desirable unit. I first spoke about the 270 Utility and how it was my favourite 270 that was released, it seems someone on the team definitely read my blog because the ISPA are a step in the right direction to making the 270 not just desirable by some but coveted by the techwear aficionados and maybe even sneaker collectors. MAYBE

This being the second ISPA now that techwear enthusiasts coveting first being the Nike Reacts.

I didn’t write about those simply because I can’t write about every show and if I did that would be 8 hours a day I don’t want to give, but I liked it.

It’s great to see ISPA doing especially well with tempering Nike trainers to techwear lovers (maybe they can do something about the FoG) and I’m here for it. 2 for 2

The Venoms especially seem something out of a sci-fi film, I love the well finished look that’s coming back en-vogue. Looks like the shell is coated with some epoxy lacquer (which is where I assume the sheen is from) maybe which I’m here for, I’m also here for the colour contrasting of the Prestos that I hope they will bring to this ISPA but it seems it will only come out in 2 colour-ways. Which is okay I’m just saying

Overall I like the design. I would cop and it’s moving the 270 in the right direction always from sport and more into the utility category. Well done Nike. Well done.

The whole industrial design motif is where I live and love design being able to make multi terrain units that look like they’d last in the city or on a good hike (obviously these won’t) addressing the chunkier stylings even just superficially is the direction I see much of menswear heading and not just in the comfort of things but the aesthetic of masculinity

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