Fashion houses Losing their way in form of trying to appeal and offend people who are not Their customer base

We Go Again,

It makes me uncomfortable to see this happen, I wrote about the high fashion hoodie and people thought they could take items that appeal to my social base and create items that have nothing to do with them in order to capture a new audience; Even at the expense of offending us.

I shake my head and wag my finger at these guys who thing they can really mess with my people’s emotions, it’s a problem.

Don’t lose your job

First of all don’t lose your job trying to appeal to an audience that isn’t for the company you’re working for. You’re talking about Vivendi LVMH and Marc Jacobs, billion dollar corporations that run on merchandising and margins.

You cannot be an artist with margins. Just ask Raf and Alexander Wang. I only name them because I love them dudes, bringing America to Balenciaga and Paris to CK wasn’t going to work the sensibilities of those two don’t blend, like herbal tea and milk. If you ever tried to put milk in lemon and ginger tea you know what I’m talking about

When you’re not sensible with blending cultures you’re going to have a problem with the customer base because what you’re doing won’t sell…

Bringing me to my next point

Don’t try be artsy with MY HISTORY

The most uncomfortable part about this past year is the using of racist imagery and cultural items thinking my people will fall for it.

You cannot try make an artist statement as a non black person with black history. It’s unacceptable, some of my people don’t know better so they can’t say better which is why they need someone on the understanding side to be forthcoming with them.

It’s like what on Gods Green Earth are you expecting making clothes with the sensibility of black sentiment trying to gain when the customer is aristocratic white and Asians.

My people have got killed for less so why do more than necessary. There are an infinite number of formations and patterns and styles you can use. Making stuff that doesn’t appeal to your main customer when clothes isn’t your companies main exploit. It’s weird -big man ting – uncomfortable for me to have to write like this. Smh.

I’m really done with you all

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

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