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We go again,

I’ve noticed that people take time out of their day to really ponder on what they’d rather do with their time and feel they have a plan in place and a creative way of executing it. Then they pause and pause and pause until the lustre escapes them and all they’re left with are hollow thoughts of the idea.

Others will think about things all the time and I mean ALL THE TIME and they give up precious brain power to it and they pause, and pause and pause… until the pressure kicks in and they execute a rushed idea of the thought.

I relate so much to the second type, that’s how the typical “over thinker” operates. We will continually speak on the hardships of having the type of mind we have, so intelligent and so thorough and will make the excuse of lack of execution on lack of information.

That’s exactly how so many of us creatives operate, however I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t the case. I don’t see my thinking intensely as a crutch or a stifling ability now because I made a conscious shift in my mind. What I know now that I didn’t know before is thinking intensely through the process is valued, what isn’t is hesitation.

What is that hesitation? Fear of failure, fear of getting things wrong and fear of getting laughed at. What people need to learn, something I learned recently – a lesson of two parts – the people who are going to laugh will laugh regardless, good or bad, let them. And 2 that fear does nothing for you.

That type of hesitation is crippling and I’ll tell you why I think this because as high powered individuals creatives have the ability to do multiple tasks at once, problem solve, curate and gather information. These things can all be done during the execution process especially when the price to execute is zero.

What I’m saying in essence is there’s no such thing as overthinking just hesitation. Those type of hesitations kill momentum, as a creative a person should be able to problem solve along the way of the execution and create viable solutions. The ability to adjust while in the process is a coveted skill that really should be utilised more often and maybe the over-thinker will become the over-achiever because one isn’t afraid to fail.

To stop hesitating we need to start executing on a minor scale and make adjustments to get the ball rolling because we are great at thinking on our feet and problem solving and at the end of the day if this is what you want for yourself you won’t be able to stop thinking about it might as well put action to the thoughts. Even on the minor scale where the dream will only be part time in the beginning anyway.

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