We go again,

Here is a list of essential items for those of us that want to live a luxury aesthetic but don’t want to go hungry doing it all of these together will have you

Blue Tailored Suit (w/matching tie)

These will never go out of style no matter the weather, tailored suits can start as low as you want but for decent fabric starting at £200 will be the ticket for you. All suits are not built the same and with this you will feel great and powerful. If you want you can buy a simple Armarni suit and get it re-gemmed to your specifications, what matters is the blue suit is yours with your power tie. Just like women get comfortable not heels men MUST get comfortable wearing a suit and knowing the rules one must abide by while wearing one.


There is nothing like a good minimal overcoat. It to me is a season-less item, especially in Britain with the rain and below average heat on a 10° day or a 20° day an overcoat will work for you. If you want to take it up a notch you could get one in fur and turn up the essential aesthetic to a grand degree.

Golf Umbrella

A 3 ft stand up umbrella is golden having one in the tuck always there, long lasting and sturdy piece of equipment that isn’t just to protect a lady from rain but doubles as a staff while walking round. Especially in an over

Fur Comb, Suede brush & Lint Roller

A big part of looking good is the cleaning of your clothes and having your own home equipment to clean and keep the dust away adds to the lifespan of the garment. People will be asking if something is new everytime you wear it because you take detailed care of your items

Pea Coat

An overcoat too much? Nno worries a pea coat works with the same effect. Tucked in, slim down and easier to carry. A pea coat is an overcoat with less of the coverage and great looking on most forms as it doesn’t fasten in the middle, you want this because carrying a good jacket

Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves are simple and elite always. If you know your good from your bad your sheep from your cow you will do yourself a service when purchasing a pair of any.

Monk straps shoes

Simple clean and minimal fuss Monks are a style item for the Bespoke man who wants to look clean. Feel different and think top class, much like oxfords these shoes are simple and speak for themselves.

Leather polish & wax

And of course one needs to stress the importance of looking after your good, learning how to properly clean your clothing items and accessories can give them new life anytime you take the time to clean them with the proper polish and wax. There’s different types of leather get familiar to how you can look after them

Depending on how you play this game all these items can be acquired from £200 to £1000 to me a stack for all of these will have you coordinated and ready for most situations. Business, Job interview, Corporate meeting, Wedding, Dinner, Graduation 90% of formal occasions that need it.

All of these I own tallying round the 600 range. However I love shoes formal attire it’s not everyone’s form of luxury in full but it is the most formal and the canon in most regards, if you want me to tell you where to shop I can’t do that discover what you like.

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