Kick of The Month: February— You go, we go, Ozweego

We go again,

Finally a stripped down version of the Raf Simons Ozweego people will get behind. The best trainer that happened to come out this month.

I’m absolutely enthused to talk about this because I have love the ozweego mid-sole from Jump and the upper I could respect the craftsmanship.

With this refined and some would say watered down, in a good way. A digestible format that even the most average of sneaker buyers would see and be okay with buying.

It takes away from the originality. We are so far removed from the style the designers bought back Ozweego needed a new marketing strategy, for those who know what it means to hear Ozweego it becomes a desirable sneaker, on average though there’s nothing exclusive or unique about it outside the story. Which is why it can be considered watered down to some hardcore fans.

my opinion it’s in the running to be industry sneaker of the year beside the RS-X sneaker for January

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