We go again

I think so much about what materials are being used when creating anything. From when I’m consulting on architecture projects to fashion, mobile tech is a given but that’s a 2022 conversation.

Adidas is winning in technology

  • barefoot,(Frampton)
  • boost, bounce, cloudfoam
  • speed mesh
  • Firm ground (Johnston)
  • Future craft 4D
  • Biosteel Fibre
  • Adiprene

Barefoot tech

Midsole Tech


Fibres & Uppers

I take heed of this as a designer. Because making is more than bringing a drawing to life its thinking about the future and curating a type of environment that breeds innovation. Showing people there’s always room for growth, behind Adidas Group is a team of engineers.

You see Nike team up with so many material groups face value, but as far as I can tell Adidas has an Apple aesthetic where it’s just their name on the shoe.

It was the biggest news in ’96 with Adidas ‘Feet you wear’ campaign vs Nike Air & more Air, the company out competed in tech every time with help from Frampton Ellis. These are the things I take note of when I work with the engineering side of material technology and manipulation. Not just a good looking sneaker an ergonomic sneaker with function form and aesthetics

Editors Note

Adidas found their in to the sportswear market with this and climacool. From the predator to the Y-3 Runner 4D there’s not many challengers that are shaping innovation the way Adidas is.

This is a philosophy I take with me on my journey, it’s not just about understanding your competition it’s about adding to yourself in a creative way. Not stealing diseases but adding to your ethos to make you a better company. The Sam Walton (of WalMart) way

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

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