OYOS: Legacy Builder —What is Legacy to me

We go again,

There’s a plan afoot. And I love the life we live

Legacy is knowing what you stand for and perpetuating it across your life. This take a mountain of self awareness, it’s not easy living for something because so many people from where I’m from die for nothing. So we think living in the moment or being willing to die for a cause is the only way to go about life.

Well, my life is being used to have people share in my experience and as I acknowledge my faults along the way so will I get better. God made me a very specific way and since I was young I knew I could do anything in spite of my circumstances. Think of it me where everything should have had me dead by now I’m not choosing to live in the moment I’m choosing to live for the cause and consciously be part of the change I’m trying to effect.

Being a constant in a room full of waves trends and memes is hard. Doing things your own way is difficult and not a lot of people were built for this type of pressure that’s why it’s got to be chosen. Legacy is much more than what I leave in this world when I’m gone it’s what I think of myself while I’m around and not convincing myself I’m

With my legacy principles attached there’s no escaping it. It’s really not a mission or a lifestyle. It’s akin to Buddhism a way whether I’m writing about fashion, or my strict philosophy like now or a poem about struggles, being a better person or sickle cell. It’s all the same thing.

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I document all the information I've gathered in my working and real life using reason and the written word to share with everyone how I ask an artist see the world. I research Plastics and Concrete and I'm educated in tech, design and art history. While having active practitioner experience in Advertising. I use that myriad of technical skills and display how they apply in the world and products we use starting with fashion.

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