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I’ve been wanting to do a techwear blog for a very long time to writ this article and how I’m going to format it. some thing are easier to do than others, and because I’m so conscious about how I perceive tech wear and its infancy I see it evolving every season.

8 times a year there’s an advancement in the clothes manufactured for purpose. Which makes techwear more and more common, so it is not just a small sector of people that understand what it is or where to buy items you have the most common shops and fashion designers making tech items.

as Alyx becomes more and more popular due to their collaborations with Dior and nike the visibility of industrial grade items

What is techwear?

Techwear is an ethos, there are different styles that reside under the techwear banner some more popular than others & incredibly popular in England. Alyx ACW Acronym Gore-Tex & ACG  are very commonplace in the eyes of those who know how they’re dressing.

rugged industrial styles, complex Japanese style jackets zips hidden pockets and creative packaging systems that Erollson Hughs and minimalist style with a somewhat Brutalist/Modern approach to how the clothes are cut and fit.

There are many Techwear enthusiasts that start off with a love for anime and grow to want to dress like their favourite character, people grow up become engineers and have a higher need for utility. This bleeds into the clothes and what they buy.

It used to be just cross country enthusiasts and AT lovers but now Techwear fuses the want for aesthetic and need for great engineering, the best of industrial design as I would have put it.

I understand it as a great branch of menswear but it’s becoming much, much more mainstream with certain items having less functions and more of an aesthetic placement.

Editors Note

I can tell the growth from what we know it as today I s going to be huge and I can’t wait to add my own two cents in.

It’s amazing how much this culture has grown. I can’t wait for it to take over menswear.

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