We go again,

Everyone knows the flow and style where I’m from and what it’s about when you’re living there.

But I’ve noticed so much of the philosophy isn’t spoken about, so I’m going to give it a crack.

Hoodish is the philosophy of the road mainly it’s about work-rate and perseverance. Mainly because that’s all you saw, before laws were put in place about public overtime hours all I saw was my parents working 7 days a week to put food in our bellies and clothes on our back. That’s got us all we have and all we could get because more hours working meant more bric-à-brac.

That being the philosophy where I grew up where your first consignment was selling chocolates on a playground and if you were were about that life, you’d turn that into a Q and so forth.

Credibility was earned on hard work. Where I’m from you put your hoodie on and keep your head low and get to doin whatever you’re doing to rub pence together to make a pound.

So when I’m feeling HOODISH I get that grinders itch, that no matter what I’m doing I feel I need to do more to get more.

That’s the ethics of where I was raised and when I apply it to this life I’m living now it can mean much more than what it was worth before.

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