Now it’s officially SpringTime

From now to May the cherry blossoms will bloom farmers will be planting seeds for crops trees will green; Lent & the rebirth of Christ in the Christian faith and the new tax year will begin.

I always like to contextualise things in the manner of the seasons because in living in England they are the most essential part of how we live life and to be honest it makes writing for me more fun.

As a story teller first I love to share tales with lessons involved create links and metaphors and multisyllabic sentences that sound nice. Once more I do all of this with real life examples which brings me to #SpringtimeOfTheRookie.

Where this is the springTime of my generation I reserve this time as a time to talk about creatives taking things to the next level – who also happen to be my generation – the stories I will tell in coming weeks may relate to you and you may learn something or have at least one takeaway. My real hope is you delve deeper into learning who some of these people are and related to.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

For The Collection of Spring Of The Rookie 

My Rookies

YOON Verbal Ambush: Minimalist Renegade || Sneakers Air Max 180 & Converse

Samuel Ross: 50 Shades of Concrete  ||Sneakers Air Force 1 & Vomero +5

JW Anderson: Ravers in Daytime || Sneakers & Converse

Yoon, Ambush || Sneakers
Samuel Ross, A Cold Wall*||Sneakers
Jonathan W Anderson JW Anderson || Sneakers

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