we go again,

I am of the belief God works through me, I am not perfect and I am only an instrument for his work.

For years I worked as though I was a man walking the earth for myself. A man, what is a man. Someone who picks up Earthly skills in order to create a life he sees fit – a paradise on earth.

That was only half the ticket for life though, for years I’ve always known exactly what I should be doing and how I am supposed to be serving. Really and truly I wasn’t ready to accept this thing I would call a burden on my back, I was wrong to think of it that way, in fact it was a mission made specially for me and the skills I collect are what I need to execute it.

Sometimes though it does feel the weight of the world is on your back to execute, mostly because men like me carry the burden of others. In fact let’s not call it a burden, it was their mission.

I was carrying their mission on my back, fro the past 4/5 years I was helping put people in positions they always wanted to be in – in a way to distract myself from what I should be doing. Which is walk-in in my purpose, part of my purpose is putting people in employment and getting people to bags they always wanted. Certainly it’s right to do that, but when you walk in your purpose I see there are certain people that gravitate towards you who need the essence you bring much more.

When I release myself from others mission and took the burden as a mission but a monolith which I chip away at and cultivate into something that looks a lot like a fulfilled life on earth that is what I call Cultivating my Paradise.

Life as I see it is walking in the purpose that God gave you and cultivating that into something worth living in. He gives you much more than you bargain for, your positives will be much more when you do this I can tell by my small experience of Cultivating my Paradise on Earth that this is truly the way it’s supposed to be and all I can say is Alhamdulillah for making me see it accept it and having the skills now to execute it.

Working together with the purpose you were created for and alchemically shaping that into a place of beauty is the way forward.

As you are never given the full picture because we’re supposed to fill the pieces ourselves with our skills we collected over our time here and fulfil it the way it should be seen.

So in turning the burden to a purpose and forest into a farm prepared for harvest you create fulfilment in yourself and others because you’re much more positive than what is known of you because you feel good about what you’re doing, as what is more fulfilling than walking in your purpose on earth and knowing you have the exact skills to execute it?

I don’t know and don’t see anything more fulfilling than that yet. I’ll let you know if it changes

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