Spring Of The Rookie,

As you’ll notice all the “rookies” I have spoke about are not exactly rookies they have all been in this game close to ten years and their recognition is just coming.

When you look into each one of their stories from beginning to now you can tell they’re only getting started on the plan that they really have. They are only really executing on what their real vision is now after getting essential pieces into play.

That’s why I dubbed it springtime of the rookie. It’s the season to plant and cultivate the projects that you really want to take shape

I am not really good with planning or really that intelligent. We can only see with the information we have right now and having one big go you fervently want to see come to life is the driving Force to the action taking place today so you can fulfil it.

I want people to look into the people that they think are successes and really study them, if you can’t see the patterns then that fine and dandy keep trying. If you can then there’s a way you can conceptualise the information for your betterment.

If you feel or understand me, you can see why I take time to write blogs about other designers like myself. I’m not a journalist or reporter I like to take down what I find important and keep that information stored. I love people can gravitate towards it this to me is fun but to you it can be much more. I appreciate that tremendously

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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