We go again

How many people have forsaken you along your way?


As I begin to construct the life I truly want I’m noticing my surroundings more and more.

This life I live has been hard fought people still forsake me to this day but as they being to see the things I foretold years ago coming to fruition my worth to them is becoming more apparent. I don’t know what to do with this energy, it’s not something I asked for only thing I want is a space to be myself without judgement; that’s too much to ask, I know. At the same time I want everyone around me to succeed and be happy.

My emotional awareness tells me when people feel terrible and know they done me wrong — as I know not what to do with the clout energy I have no idea what to do with those that have forsaken me.

Supposedly people enjoy the thought of being in a power position over others, never been me. I just want what’s best for everyone to win, some of us don’t know how to get out of our own way to do that; I surely do.

I’ve done it, I’ve been willing and I’ve taken the arrows in my front and back to prove it. I’ve got stories, a helluva lot of them. As I peer through the window of my mind into the distance I take time to contemplate how I should act with those who forsook me asking for forgiveness…

What would you do

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