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While in pain the fastest course of action is Painkillers from Paracetamol to stop a fever and Ibropofen to quell inflammation all the way to Opioids to numb the whole body completely from the real excruciating pain of a crisis.

With such pain it is very important it gets dealt with in haste, however Sickle Cell patients have to deal with being thought of as an addict as they have to use high caliber of drug to deal with insufferable pain. Most of these medications are not available to the general public, as a Sickle Crisis sufferer you are taught from young to stay informed and be vigilant about your medical condition so having such information can be seen as a catch 22, that being said should it really be at the cost of the sufferers?

This particular blog addresses the stigma which tells doctors that Sickle Cell patients are PainKiller addicts on top of not believing black pain as detailed in a portion of humanity — (please check out the blog as they relate heavily) they believe that Sickle Cell patients present as Opioid addicts — this causes some of the patients to have longer wait times and to be tested to ensure to the Doctor in question this patient has Sickle Cell.

These prior exams have a negative effect on patients, further research shows there is no president for Sickle Cell patients ever being addicts. A study shows patients are less likely to get addicted to painkillers due to the natural nature of the pain. All the while America is in the middle of an “Opioid Crisis” and more and more people being hooked on prescription pills like Percocet’s Oxy and Codeine all of which are exactly the pills used to handle chronic pain making it really bad new for Sickle Cell patients who have been lumped in with abusers.

A great deal of Sickle Cell patients as well as I, dislike having to rely on taking certain pain medication more often than not those sufferers who decide to hold off taking pain medication until the last moments. Pain Killers do not cure anything on the part of the patients there relieves the pressure of pain; some situations end up like my anecdotal evidence in Living Through a Crisis.

I have been looked at as an addict more times than I have actually been treated for my pain; prior to ever getting proper attention to my medical emergency, this irks especially when there is no basis scientific or factual basis of this more often than not its a ‘pseudo-analysis based on what presents as signs of addiction…’ I want to changed that.

I do believe though that opioids do not need to be the only solution, Sickle Cell Pain  is a symptom of the sickling of blood stuck in the blood vessel; the pathway is blocked so it causes irritation then further pain. That being said painkillers are used to stop feeling the pain while the Sickled blood runs its lifespan.

That being the case there must be other means to help your body stop feeling the pain or to effect the pain area directly. We can only wait for more clinical trials and better studies for how to beat treat this pain and for now it is controlled drugs. There are Studies with Cannabinoid (CBD) oils engineered to help patients suffering with

More information on the studies referenced

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