We go again,

Has Nike been bungling it the whole time? Why is it just now that Nike is using Barefoot technology? What has changed in the Nike Running devision?

I am not an insider, I’m just someone who loves tech and sneakers. Some of the first tech in sneakers was Frampton Ellis Barefoot technology, we have known for decades the flat footed way block soles hit the ground are not good for walking or running, let alone sports.

What is Barefoot Technology?

It is the tech that stops you rolling your food and simulates expanded foot plant while in impact with the ground. It can bee found famously in the Yohji Yamamoto BYW and the Yeezy 500 the obvious change is the midsole is bubble shaped these balls minimise the points of impact, taking stress off the foot and stops it from rolling and you twisting or breaking your ankles as is know to happen with tennis & basketball shoes during lateral movements in the time before this was invented

So what changed?

It’s my guess that Adidas had exclusivities to the patent that ran out or Nike saw me talk about how Adidas Technology is leagues above Nike. Let’s go with a mixture of the two, the main reason I love Adidas is because of their technological innovations/ their r&d department I love how they synthesise plastic into better more comfortable polymer blocks.

Whatever deal was struck has put Nike in a better position with geeks likeness and runners alike.

What does it mean that Nike Has Barefoot Technology

It seems as though Nike is throwing their hat into the race by introducing their Running sneaker to the barefoot technology —been a long time coming— basically admitting for years now their sole technology for their running shoes have not been up to scratch but right now the use of Barefoot tech puts their foot forward in an attempt to encapsulate Sport and Culture.

These new FREErun 5 (one of my favourite Nike moulds) talk the talk and run the run. I haven’t seen them in real life but I could spot Barefoot a mile away and with the culture of running getting bigger and as people become more scientific Nike will need the Best tech in their footwear possible; from their top notch breathable fabric to barefoot technology in pretty much all of their running trainers.

Nike seems to be going for a retrofit rollout as to mitigate them not looking like it’s a new 21st century marvel so geeks like me don’t call them out their ad really seems to be calling to the wannabe scientific but also easing the public into the look of the sneaker which I must say is a big departure from their block and trapezium soles.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they utilise all sorts of other technology not just this one.

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