We Go Again,

I am exceptionally happy to be writing about a sneaker that I actually like. It’s been months since I have wrote a sneaker of the month blog, this one is dedicated to April as I feel all the summer releases are going to come out soon.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to write about reebok in fact I don’t think I have it was really not till the Everyman sneaker of 2018 which was at the beginning of the year; not that long away but Kerby really came with some fire I love this yellow and all the other colourways he got engaged with especially the monochrome flavour



These basketball shoes are wavy and exactly what is needed by the foremost premier black designer of this decade. He took the lashes on his back for Virgil Kanye Samuel and everyone else didn’t have to.

None of these other guys can even dare to walk in his shoes in fear they will lose their sponsors.

The story behind Kerby is as followed he wanted to be a sneaker designer in New York till they cut the sneaker design course and he became a Womenswear intern till he came up with his own designs and came back from Istanbul such good leathers Rihanna wore the Jacket where it was mistaken for a white designer but no it was Kerby and that was the start of Pyer-Moss

After a rocky road he got to partner with Reebok and get creative control on his project this is what he came up with. Can you imagine. Although he’s been around in fashion for 15 years been in Forbes & Vogue he is officially getting true shine from me at least and and money for his workafter a career full of shady business

Them pirate black baller creps are all me and these alien boats are me with a hoodie on ready to boogie.

Some cold silhouettes and details following my Industrial sneaker mould with the shape. No dad shoe flexing just bold silhouettes and detailing

I’m ready to write more about Kerby

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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