We go again,

I wouldn’t know how to explain it any differently. But I will try and expound on what I mean, the lengths I’ve gone to to get an education have been extreme almost dying and coming back many times because that’s just how I was raised.

Since I was a teenager I knew I would have to work incredibly differently than my peers, I didn’t know how differently. In honesty a big part of me educating myself came from dark places. 90% of my formative years educating myself was from a sick bed learning the thing that was going to get me the grade while doing the thing that would get me the grade because that’s just how I was raised

Life has seen me differently in the past couple of years I’ve had to put in more work finding the right information than actually learning it. Learning is no longer an issue for a brain used to consuming information it’s the quality of information that is important. Right now the internet is like a rainforest full of all manner of things most poisonous and some delectable. Those are the risks I take for an education because that’s just how I was raised.

I enjoy learning I was told from young it will get me places, but no one ever tells you the risks in finding out the right information, sometimes that can still burn like arsenic… information really changes situation, it’s changed my lifewhat we think we know isn’t always the truth and sometimes it feels like people would it be that way – how incredibly sad.

What do I do to avoid putting strychnine in my coffee instead of sugar? but if it wasn’t for the way I was raised I would not be the type to have handled it as well as I do.

I say this because the amount of information that is shared that just happens to be false, falsified or misleading or misguided is exorbitant. I’ve dedicated a bulk of my life to academia being in bed library hospital or in the classroom and whist I have been out of the educational sphere I find most of the information is guided under lock and key in each industries individual jargon. The jungle of information continue to mask the right information and strychnine is masked as fruit trees, what we think we know isn’t always the truth and sometimes it feels like people would rather it be that way – how incredibly sad.

What do I do to avoid putting strychnine in my coffee instead of sugar? I work on my investigative skills and I do as the scientist and mathematicians do. I ask an array of questions on a subject and I answer them with research to prove or disprove my hypothesis, it’s as simple or as complex as that. I remove my bias and go for the right information because it’s needed and not because I want to feel right but because there are too many people out here spreading the wrong information

It is not easy to find the right information without a great deal of information so you follow someone’s teachings and stick to their own circle of influence reinforcing their beliefs within their space, which works when you want a lifestyle tribe but doesn’t scale worldwide, it’s all blessed if you want to think what you think, possibly. If it’s not hurting people, maybe. But I like knowing what I know can be proven.

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