we still go on,

This May was supposed to be one of consistent high level work compared to other months, but the shame of it all is that it wasn’t… I write this on the 19th these past 20 days have been something but not what I wanted. I have existed in a state of perpetual torment by my body and by my goals even today I fight for the right to work to achieve my goals mentally and physically.

This is what I have learned all that planning and preparation I donate come to this time was something else compared to the living, April was me doing my best with what I had, May was meant to be doing my best with what I knew not knowing the exterior forces I would have to combat; monetarily and reality.

The games we play are consistent and forward moving, but setting a goal that can’t move because the reality of the situation is so apparent we have to understand that what we want in the time we want it is experimental and not reality. What you want to experience simulated is not what you are made to experience with all the world forces around you.

Theres a codex in the Note above. The context is removed so the content is built for you to put yourself in the understanding. ou want to have a super star month because you’ve been feeling the momentum and forward moving nature of what you’re doing. Get prepared to get Punched in the face… I you really want it punches don’t matter I’ve been hit enough to know what my feeling and experience of the time is only temporary; I am writing this not to share that information in the midst of all I need to do and whatever I do an understanding that those who care about what they have to say feel differently about the things that happen to them.

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