I am really absolutely grateful for the things I have and I’m ready to accept the things I need to get what I want

We go again,

I been thinking about a plethora of things. When I think about what I have now and the abilities I possess I just want to start with gratitude.

I know who I was way back when, when it came to potential I was full when it came to skill I was one dimensional it was a struggle to even play the cards I was dealt. In my darkest time and breaking away into what was a spinning of a chrysalis, I learned my second skill and around this time I came to the understanding…

There’s was nothing in this world where I don’t have the rudiment

With that my cards opened up in business and artistically it was decided for me that who I was going to be was a man who moulded all this potential energy into something. People would tell me I have it and I wasn’t ready to accept it, sometimes I’m still in the ‘why me’ and at other moments I program to understand – of course it’s me- with that I engage with the infinite.

It’s not really my style to pat myself on the back or to openly express my gratitude for something I’m discovering is innate -making this a Note.

I just know that there’s someone out there who is thought of as being full of this thing called potential. I want to just say to that person to try something, like really try create something, discover a skill, practice it, and see if you can multiply that throughout all the things you love. More so if it’s something you hate, getting great at something you don’t like may sound counter productive but if it’s an essential skill around the working life you manifest to potential to work around anything.

How I understand it now is getting good is easy, it’s never about the thing it’s about the process. If there’s a process then the only thing next is the repetitions and in being Great it’s all about the people who can do the most repetitions the fastest.

Engaging that and applying that will turn your world into a haven you can stand to see.

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