We go again,

Hola as I was having a conversation about headwear I noticed I didn’t have one for summer I surely had one for winter hats & as I just looked in my archive March 14 I had a draft I never released. Here’s what it said,

I feel like babushkas and Balaclavas will be a big deal for men. And in one form or the other animal print; if you’re familiar with my latest in Sweeping Trends animal prints and polka dot you see I have that covered, after all the years of making fun of uncles for the pattern shirts we’re also at that point. Now it’s for the hats of the season.


Balaclavas have been a big deal and will surely be a big deal the same way football tops are a big deal I know I have my own balaclava that I wear commonly as a hat and I finesse it well. It’s such a cool look and many people in the raver culture seem to agree.

People want to seem more rugged and more “threatening” and a balaclava adds that mystique for me i style my balaclava with my chest rig as it’s a big piece of equipment my balaclava balances it out.

If we can get balaclavas in different colours with patterns on them balaclavas will surely become a more open sweeping trend


Yes you read that right babushkas. Headwraps for your headtop if you’re fashion forward or think you can pull off the next frontier babushkas are the level we’re taking it. Rocky wore one to cover his scar and it was cute but to me I just like head wraps.

If it’s not a Fez it’s a babushka because babushkas absorb sweat like caps but don’t totally cover your head like a balaclava and it’s a great in between for headbands and balaclavas. Having a high fashion one that is made from silk is probably the way to go. Say what you will, styled with a kimono shirt or collarless button up with great patterns will have you looking sweet


Berets are here to stay I commented on them in winter and assessed the summer landscape and berets are really a look. I love my felt berets simply because it has no seams making it more durable and it stays in place. I am able to style it however I want and not feel out of place I currently have only one but that number will surely multiply.

You can wear berets any how, with tees, with jackets an overcoat, denim depending on the beret fabric and a suit also. It’s becoming versatile and commonplace to wear it however you want. It’s not just for snooty art students or people who want to look foreign.

Baseball hats

All year round I will go to bat for baseball hats or “dad hats” people tried to make trucker hats a thing but I wouldn’t let them baseball hats are the in thing regardless of season. We can really wear it however and I feel berets will be able to be worn just like baseball hats. We can wear them however we want and look fresh and feel comfortable in whatever we’re wearing, that’s how classic the item is to us and will continue to be.

Bucket Hats

As a wild card for those that aren’t skaters and want to be styling for the whole of summer who think they can pull it off no questions asked a Bucket Hat (one I don’t own yet). I don’t see it as a sweeping trend but something people will be doing, if you can find a unique one with a colourful print or even keep it monochrome, a bucket hat styled the right way will be geechi a bucket hat on the right person will cause a sauce wave. Take it from me if it can be imagined it can be done

this sure depends on…

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