We Go Again,

I haven’t written a trainer blog in quite some times simply because there have been no trainers that have excited me in the past couple of months.

I generally had to speak on the past trainers my Spring Of The Rookie cast worked on and curated for Nike they all had appeal to the designer and played to the creative process of respective designer.

I don’t count trainers that aren’t made in this decade or month meaning the mould and silhouettes were made long before those designers came about.

There are trainers I like that look good but maybe not wear good who knows… so I won’t vouch for said brands yet.

However here’s a list of Trainers who’s silhouette I would really like a pair of.


I think the 350 boost mould is becoming a classic sneaker, in the democratising of the 350 what’s happened is the transfer from Grail of certain colour ways and idolisation to an understanding and consolidating of the 350 I’ve had such a great time living through that. The most enjoyable part of this who life cycle of the 350 has given me a new perspective on what a great trainer is and can be, as Kanye West flagship product its paving the way for everything he is able to do as an industrial designer.

Nike Element React 87

These are a complex looking slip on sneaker who came back from the underground and one of the only sneakers I’ve liked that came back before the Air Max Era

Adidas Yung-1

The Yung-1s are the absolute same as the Reacts but because of the Industrial influences they make the Yung-1’s more handsome and lively in this era

DR. Martens 1460

Since I was 16 and had my first leather Jacket I’ve loved the essential feel of these boots. They stay just as classic as oxfords and I’m more attached to these as a Punk Rocker than any other shoe. Continually Aspirational


I love all the footwear above they are all part of a wish list of footwear of mine. I’m not a particular colour way fellow, that seems arbitrary; when it comes to silhouette and Base design is where I hang my hat and these guys have it down pat

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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